• Image of Strawberry Range- birthmark awareness
  • Image of Strawberry Range- birthmark awareness
  • Image of Strawberry Range- birthmark awareness
  • Image of Strawberry Range- birthmark awareness
  • Image of Strawberry Range- birthmark awareness


As you can read below I was selling these strawberries to raise funds for our travel to
London for our daughter Polly's birthmark treatment but people have been very kind and we have raised enough so I'm now still selling them but to raise funds for the great Ormond street hospital and birthmark charity 50/50. All profits will go to them. I can't wait to raise a big donation for them and keep selling these strawberries to raise awareness of these birthmarks.

We do have lots of other jewellery on this website too if you fancy a treat as well as a strawberry. Please pop over to our Trish's Treasures Facebook page where you can follow our story.

Necklace, earrings or bag /key charms (Some people clipped to their purse zips too ) I may make more red in a few weeks but not 100 percent on that yet xx

Im a first time mum and my 5 month old baby daughter has a birthmark the size of a golf ball on her face next to her eye. Often referred to as a strawberry mark. I want to raise awareness of these (if you are a strawberry mum you will know the trials and there is more about it over on our Trish's Treasures Facebook page) also you have to fight to get treated on nhs etc.
I am selling these to raise money for money we have already spent on private consultant (you get a beautiful treasure in return) and money we may have to spend on travel in the near future. But mainly I just want people to be aware and next time they see someone with a birthmark to just be kind! I know my daughter is a beauty but we have had some very cruel comments and stares. I'm worried it's too close to her eye so we are going down the treatment route.

Plus strawberries are beautiful and fab to wear for summer. 😍😍😍 Please note these are not sterling silver they are plated silver and are costume jewellery. (We do proper sterling silver jewellery on this website though)

These will come packaged safely but in tissue paper instead of boxes to keep more profit from each sale.

We do ship worldwide. Postage free to UK and Ireland but if you are elsewhere you will need to pay a shipping fee.

Chose from a strawberry necklace, strawberry earrings or a strawberry charm (you can clip these onto a bracelet you already own or into your keyring or on a handbag) chains on necklaces will be longer 24 inches ( if shorter one wanted please send a note at checkout with your order) . Please make your selection by using the drop down box below.

Finally thank you if you can buy it will help us out loads.

Thanks for your time. Trish , Polly and family x