• Image of Birthstone Bracelets (stretchy)
  • Image of Birthstone Bracelets (stretchy)
  • Image of Birthstone Bracelets (stretchy)
  • Image of Birthstone Bracelets (stretchy)
  • Image of Birthstone Bracelets (stretchy)

Beautiful gemstone/ Birthstone bracelet.

Stretchy so one size fits all.

Get one for yourself or why not gift it for a friend's birthday? Or stack them up with all your children's birthstone's on. Or you could just buy one that has your fave gemstone on!

They look stunning stacked up or as pretty just worn individually. I wear the yellow Citrine one as that is the birthstone for November. When my daughter was born.

They are made with 4mm silver plated hematine beads then one 6mm and two 4mm genuine gemstone beads.

One size fits all. Please chose the birthstone or gemstone you require from the drop down box below before adding to your cart. Please note if you want two or more i can do you a special price so please message me first. I've shown 7 of the bracelets so you can see what they are like but we do all 12 birth months. Pictured is citrine for Nov, amethyst for Feb, Garnet January birthdays, yellow opal for October, turquoise for December, aquamarine for March and Chryosprate for May (greens)

Chose from

January - Garnet (red)

Feb - Amethyst (purple)

March- Aquamarine (blue)

April - Rock Crystal (clear/white)

May - Chryosprate (green)

June- Moonstone (clear/white)

July - Carnelian (red)

August - Sardonyx (reddy oranges )

Sept- Lapis Lazuli (dark blue)

October - Yellow opal (yellows)

November - Citrine (yellow )

December - Turquoise (light blue)

Will come in a gift box so ideal gifts.
We ship worldwide and postage is free within the UK and Ireland.

Please note it takes from 3 days minimum up to 7 days max from ordering to be delivered to your doorstep x