Trish's Treasures jewellery are lovingly handmade pieces. The majority unless otherwise stated are made using sterling silver or gold materials but sometimes we use either brass or gold and silver plated metals. As these metals can tarnish and wear overtime, your jewellery will need to be cared for so here are some top tips to help your pieces last even longer and look beautiful.

  • Do not shower or sleep in your jewellery (may seem obvious but you would be surprised at the amount of people that do this)


  • Avoid wearing strong perfumes or strong body lotions too near to where your jewellery sits when you wear it as that can tarnish items.


  • Avoid using household cleaning chemicals whilst wearing rings or bracelets (good excuse to get someone else to do it for you ;-) )


  • It is best to keep your jewellery stored in a jewellery box or a drawer wrapped up safely. (good excuse to buy a pretty jewellery box to keep your TT collection in ;-) )

To clean your jewellery a light wipe with mild soap and water will do for the plated metals. Towel drying can scratch the metal so a quick blast with a hairdryer should do the trick. Raw  brass can be cleaned with a soft cloth and some Brasso to bring it back to its shiny best.

For sterling silver it can be cleaned with a Silver Cloth which can be purchased from your local supermarket.

This will keep your jewellery looking in tip top condition for a long time to come. Well worth the small efforts.

All our plated jewellery items comply with the compulsory EEC regulations restricting the amount of nickel in jewellery.